When these means of obtaining urgent money are not possible, the internet is another way to which they access in search of a magical solution. If the loan of money that we need is not very large, what is known as microcredits, on the internet we find more and more financial online that offer urgent loans with immediate credit in account if the requirements that we are asked for are fulfilled.

But, que what advantages do credits have at the moment?

Instant credits, and as the word indicates, the advantage they have is that we receive the money immediately. In general in less than an hour if the bank account we have matches in the bank with which the financial company that grants the quick loan works for us.

Another advantage is that they do not ask for mortgage guarantees or guarantors and they give the credits without having payroll, asking for little paperwork and asking few questions and in some cases they admit that the applicant has rai and FCIA

Credits without paperwork to the Instant

Credits without paperwork to the Instant

One of the characteristics of Quick Credits with instant cash payment is the little paperwork that is needed for processing. When dealing with mini-credits where small amounts are granted that do not usually exceed 1,000 euros, the financial company has fewer requirements than banks when granting personal loans.

This type of financing, is intended for possible contingencies such as a breakdown of the car or household appliances or the purchase of a punctual gift and only ask us for a copy of the ID and have a checking account in the bank for the payment of money.

For these loans it is not necessary to have payroll but to show that you have regular income for any concept. and besides being processed without papers or documents, they do not ask too many questions and the payment is made instantly or in a few minutes.

Disadvantages have Instant Credits

Disadvantages have Instant Credits

Let’s say that the main drawback of loans is the short term in which you have to pay back the money and that is usually not more than 30 days so this type of quick loans can only be used as payroll advances for some emergency until we receive the salary or if we are pending payment or pension.

Another disadvantage is its high cost. The online financing of immediate loans, do not charge an interest but charge a specific amount for a certain amount and term. When dealing with very short deadlines, the profitability charged to us in terms of APR (annual equivalent rate ) makes it rise above 3,000%. For example if for a loan of 300 euros, they charge us 60 euros and we have to return the money in 15 days, if we calculate the annual interest, the cost is over 3,000%.

Another way to get money now, would be to ask private lenders where the risk we run is no longer the cost but that we end up being deceived since the need and desperation makes us forget that nobody would give their savings to strangers in another part of the world.

In summary, our advice is to ask for credit instantly only when we have no alternative in banks and surroundings of family and friends and that the need is unavoidable. In case you are interested in requesting an urgent loan, in this link we detail some of the online credits of fast loans. Among them we can mention quebuenos.es, creditomas.es, vivus.es, okmoney.es, creditorapido.com, creditrapid.net, kredito24.es, prestamo10.com, wonga.es, bondora.es, etc.

Where can you ask for instant credits with FCIA?

Mini-loans and instant loans should be requested first at the bank where you have an account and the payroll registered. If in that bank they do not give money for any reason, because they already have other loans, they have arrears, rai or FCIA, etc., then you can ask for money instantly in the online finances that are advertised on the internet but as long as you have a web page with your data legal NIF, address and a landline or 902 phone, but never in loans that offer you by email. If you decide to ask the money from private lenders, it is best to negotiate with people who live in their own postal codes or district to deal with them personally and avoid being deceived.

Some of these financial companies that offer instant loans with FCIA are many more that you can search in google. The maximum amount you can get is 500 to 600 euros and the deadline to return a maximum of one month. The commission they charge you is very high and therefore the APR will go over 2,000% with what you think before asking for immediate money through these companies.

The most usual amounts that are requested in loans instantly are 100 euros, 200 euros, 300 euros, 400 euros and 500 euros. In the first operation none will give you more than 300 euros in immediate loans until they have experience of payments and increase the amount.

Advantages of Instant Credits:

Advantages of Instant Credits:

The main advantage of asking for a credit instantly as your word says is that the loan money is collected within a few minutes of submitting the application once it has been accepted by the online financier. Another important advantage is that you can get mini credits instantly with FCIA if the amount you have registered in the list of defaulters is small and is not due to the non-payment of another loan.

Also because they are mini credits instantly without paperwork. In other words, there is no need to submit any document such as payroll, deeds, work life, etc.